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Dear Katie Brown Love and Despair Collection Swatches

If you follow me on Instagram, you know all about my love for Dear Katie Brown. And not just for the glitters, but for Katie and everyone behind the brand. You can tell that Katie puts so much passion and thought into each shade. Nobody does glitter like her. Once I saw the Love and Despair Collection, I knew I needed it. The 7 shades are stunning and I love the inspiration beind the collection. Each shade is a tribute to a tragic fictional couple. You’ll notice references to Romeo and Juliet, Sweeney Todd, and Wuthering Heights.

Dear Katie Brown Love and Despair Collection

The glitter obsession is real for me, so I have a ton hanging around. Or at least I aspire to have a ton hanging around. But this collection has the perfect range of shades if you are just starting out with glitter.

Dear Katie Brown Love and Despair Shades and Swatches

Dear Katie Brown Love and Despair Collection


As I mentioned above, this collection has a nice range of colors. There are a couple of shades that you can incorporate into a daily, neutral look. Then there are the shades that pack a bold punch. Here are the shades:

  • Unrequited is silver with a hint of iridescence.
  • Immortal Frenemies is a bold red with a magenta shift.
  • We’ll Serve Anyone is a grey with a touch of blue iridescence. Obviously this shade is stunning, but it is my favorite just because the name comes from Sweeney Todd.
  • These Violent Delights is an intense gold.
  • Terror Made Me Cruel is a beautiful blue.
  • Night and Light has a black base with gold throughout.
Dear Katie Brown Love and Despair Collection
Top to Bottom: Unrequited, Immortal Frenemies, We’ll Serve Anyone, These Violent Delights, Terror Made Me Cruel, Night and Light, Don’t Look Back

Dear Katie Brown Love and Despair Collection Review

I have talked about Dear Katie Brown Glitters before (you can find my first post here), so you already know I love the formula. I haven’t tried a lot of pressed gliiter prior to stumbing upon Dear Katie Brown, but the ones I had tried felt pretty dry. They also required a glitter glue and that extra step was a little offputting for me. These glitters have a creamy, smooth consistency. Well, at least as a creamy and smooth as glitter can be. I also love that you aren’t just getting glitter and shimmer. You get actual color and pigment, so they really elevate a look to the next level.  They also stay on all day and I don’t experience much fallout, if any, when applying these glitters.

Dear Katie Brown Love and Despair Collection
Left to Right: Immortal Frenemies, Don’t Look Back, Night and Light, Terror Made Me Cruel, These Violent Delights, We’ll Serve Anyone, Unrequited

The palette itself is currently sold out, but you will be able to buy each shade individually starting on November 23rd. But, it gets even better. For Black Friday, Dear Katie Brown is having 50% off site wide! She is also launching a new collection called Noble (which is just breathtaking), other new singles, and bundles. This is one sale you will not want to miss out on!