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Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

If you were to ask me what my favorite drugstore beauty brand is, I would say Wet n Wild without hesitation. They have been releasing some incredible products over the last few years. And unlike a lot of brands, they haven’t gone up in price. Plus they always have the most fun limited edition collections. But I’m not talking about a limited edition product. Today I am talking about one of their 10 pan palettes. Wet n Wild’s Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette is one that I reach for often. In fact, I have hit pan on one of the shades and that almost never happens.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Palette: The Shades

This palette has a beautiful array of matte and shimmery nudes. You have everything you need for an easy daytime look or a more dramtic nighttime look. You have two transition shades, some shimmery shades for the eyelid, inner corner, and browbone and a couple of darker shades that make great liners.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette

  • Transition 1: matte midtone neutral brown
  • Transition 2: matte dark cool brown
  • Matte eggshell
  • Shimmering light copper
  • Shimmering Beige
  • Matte burgundy
  • Shimmering deep bronze
  • Shimmering champagne
  • Matte black
  • Shimmering rose

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette Review

My mind is blown when I remember that this palette is only $5. The color payoff on the matte shades is really good, but the shimmery shades do need to be layered up a bit. The end result is gorgeous, though. Texture wise, you can’t ask for better. They are buttery and smooth. The mattes are not chalky at all and the shimmer shades are not chunky. The best part of these shadows is how well they apply and blend just as well, if not better, than more expensive palettes. Each of the shadows work well together and you don’t have to worry about them looking muddy or patchy.

Wet n Wild’s Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette is also versatile. You can use it for a simple daytime look, a smokier nighttime look, or you can pair it with colors from other palettes. I love to combine the two tranistion shades with brighter, more bold shades from metallic palettes. I used it yesterday with the Beauty Bakerie Game of Cones Eyeshadow Palette and the look turned out well. I’ll insert a picture so you can see how well they work together.

I’ve worn these with and without primer, and the result is the same. They wear well without creasing, but there is minimal fading. The only shades I’ve experienced any fallout with are the matte black and that dark bronze color. If you apply your conceler and/or foundation afterwards, you’ll be fine. They clean up easily.

I can’t recommend the Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette enough. There is such a variety of amazing products at the drugstore now, so there is no reason to spend a ton of money on makeup. I have the other three 10 pan palettes by Wet n Wild, but I need to try them out more before I share my thoughts on them. I’m considering doing a Wet n Wild Favorites post sometime in the near future since I have a ton of products by them and I have had a few people ask me for recommendations from them.

I hope you enjoyed this little review post! My review posts seem so short to me, but I don’t like being verbose.  I hope you are having a great weekend and I will see you soon!

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette Review