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Maybelline Soda Pop Palette Review and Swatches

I love everything about autumn (except pumpkin spice lattes), epseically the new makeup releases. There is just something about the vampy, edgy colors and looks that speak to my soul.  I started seeing pictures of the Maybelline Soda Pop Palette a few months ago and I had to have it. The variety of shades makes it a great transitional palette. I’ve been testing out over the last couple of weeks and it is a palette I will be reaching for a lot this autumn.

Maybelline Soda Pop Palette

Maybelline Soda Pop Palette Shade Selection

I adore the shade selection of this palette. I love the combination of warm neutrals and the purple jewel tones. The palette set up is nice, too. The top half is more condusive of an everyday look and the bottom half is more fun and bold. Here are the shades and their descriptions:

  • Chilling is a matte pale peach
  • Tonic is a shimmery champagne
  • Sugar High is a shimmery rose gold
  • Ginger Ale is a matte light peach. It is similar to Ginger Ale, but the tone is a little different.
  • Crushing is a matte bright orange
  • Cola Float is a matte warm brown
  • Soda Fizz is a metallic taupe
  • Grape Pop is a shimmery purple
  • Blue Raspberry is a shimmery dark blue
  • Cherry on Top is a matte berry
  • Cherry Cola is a metallic cranberry
  • Root Beer is a matte, deep cool toned brown
Maybelline Soda Pop Palette Swatches
Crushing, Cola Float, Ginger Ale, Sugar High, Tonic, Chilling
Maybelline Soda Pop Palette Swatches
Root Beer, Cherry Cola, Cherry On Top, Blue Raspberry, Grape Pop, Soda Fizz

Maybelline Soda Pop Palette Formula and Performance

Like the Lemonade Craze Palette, the shadow formula of the Soda Pop Palette feels like that of the City Mini Palettes. This means that the shadows feel very soft and buttery. They are so soft that they do flake a little bit when you swatch them, but there are no issues with applying them. In my experience, the shadows in both of these new palettes is far superior to anything Maybelline has done in the past, at least in terms of eyeshadows. They have beautiful color payoff and most of them apply and blend as well as higher end shadows. The only eyeshadow in this palette I have had trouble with is Cherry On Top, which is such a shame because it is stunning. Cherry On Top has pretty good color payoff, but it is so patchy! I’ve tried to carefully layer it and I’ve used a variety of different brushes. but nothing helps. Blending it is also a challenge. It is one of those shades that blends into nothing. If you are really patient with it, you can get it to work. But it does take quite a bit of effort.

All of the other shades are great. These shadows also stay on very well and don’t crease or fade throughout the day. I do use a primer with every single eyeshadow I use, so I don’t know how it will perform without one. I haven’t experienced any fallout with these eyeshadows, either. Nor are they really powdery. All in all, Maybelline did a great job with this palette and I like it even more than the Lemonade Craze Palette.

Maybelline Soda Pop Palette Availability and Price

The Maybelline Soda Pop Palette is available whereever Maybelline is sold. I got mine at Ulta, but people are starting to find it at Walgreens and Walmart, too. It is $13.99 at Ulta and while I think that is pretty fair price, it always best to wait for a sale. For $13.99 you get 12 eyeshadows that total 0.12 oz.

Maybelline Soda Pop Eyeshadow Palette