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My Favorite Affordable Face Brushes

Last week I posted about my favorite eyeshadow brushes, so this week I am talking about my favorite affordable face brushes. Compared to the eyeshadow brushes, I have very few face brushes that I actually use on a regular basis. Like my eyeshadow brushes, these are affordable and pretty easy to get your hands on.

Favorite Face Sponge: Morphe’s Flawless Beauty Sponge $7

I have tried a lot of different sponges over the last few years and this Morphe one is my favorite by far. It blends any foundation, concealer, or really any cream product flawlessly. Basically, Flawless Beauty Sponge is the perfect name. I even use it to apply loose powder and it even does that very well. This is a soft, pliable sponge so it feels comfortable and blends products around the nose easily. It also doesn’t expand a lot when you dampen it. And it is also latex free. You can now find this sponge on Ulta’s site and in some stores in addition to Morphe’s site. I just got their highlight and contour sponge, so I will keep you updated on that.

Favorite Bronzing Brush: Wet n Wild Pro Large Powder Brush $7.99

The size and shape of this brush make it perfect for bronzing. It is a larger, fluffy brush but it has a slightly tapered end. Bronzer can easily make me look muddy and patchy, so I need a brush that blends well, and this one does a great job. Because of the size, it doesn’t take long, which is a huge bonus. I have the silver handled brush, but it is available in the new pink handle. It is clean. I have just used it so darn much that it

Favorite Highlighting Brush: Wet n Wild Pro Tapered Highlighting Brush $5.99

Never again will I use a fan brush. Well, that might be a bit drastic, but this brush is amazing. It effortlessly applies highlighter to the cheekbones, brow bone, nose, and cupid’s bow. Again, I have the silver handled one, but it is available in the pink handled line. The Wet n Wild brushes are synthetic and cruelty free.

My Favorite Affordable Face Brushes
Wet n Wild Pro Brushes

Favorite Blush Brush: Morphe E34 Tapered Blush Brush $17

I don’t wear blush because it just looks awful on me and I tend to look like BoZo the clown when I wear it. But, on the rare occasion I do wear blush, I opt for this Morphe brush. It blends perfectly and it makes even the crappiest blush look decent. It is soft with the right amount of density. I have had this brush for a few years and it looks good as new. The bristles are synthetic.

Favorite Affordable Face Brushes
Morphe E34 Tapered Blush Brush

Eco Tools Large Powder Brush $7-8

Before I bought the Wet n Wild brush mention above, this is the brush I used for bronzer. It does make a great bronzer brush for the same reasons as the Wet n Wild one. Now I use it to lightly apply translucent powder all over my face. Despite the cheap price, this is a well made brush. It feels sturdy and it hasn’t shed at all. I’ve had this brush for a few years, and I’m not sure of they still make it. I just saw it in Walgreens, but I’m not finding it on their site or at Ulta. They do have other similar brushes, though.

Favorite Affordable Face Brushes
Eco Tools Large Powder Brush

I thought I would have more brushes than this to talk about, but I don’t use many face brushes. All of these budget friendly brushes are great for achieving a flawless yet natural looking face. I’ve been using them for awhile and I haven’t had any issues with shedding. They also hold their shape well after being cleaned. What are some of your favorite face brushes?

Favorite Affordable Face Brushes