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My Favorite Affordable Eyeshadow Brushes

Last week, I did a poll on Instagram asking if anyone was interested in seeing the brushes I used on a daily basis. Everyone said yes, so here we are. I also wanted to keep the focus on affordable eyeshadow brushes, which was pretty easy considering I don’t have many expensive brushes. Applying eyeshadow is my favorite part of my makeup routine, so I am pretty good at telling which of my affordable eyeshadow brushes are even worth buying. Fortunately for those of is on a budget, there are a ton of amazing options out there. All of the brushes I talk about are soft and don’t have any issues with shedding.


The first brushes I am going to mention are actually sold in a set by Morphe. When people want good, affordable brushes, I always recommend Morphe. The set is called Set 701: The 12 Piece Eye-Credible Set. As the name suggests, you get 12 eye brushes and the set is only $25. I questioned the quality of these brushes, but I have had this set for a little over a year and the brushes are still going strong. I’ll do a bullet list below and tell how I use the brush along with any other pertinent information. I don’t use every brush in the set on a regular basis, so I will just over the ones I actually use.

  • Morphe 12 Piece Eye-Credible Set

    • Large Shadow Fluff Brush. I use this brush to set my primer/concealer not only on the eyelid, but also under my eye. The shape and density makes it perfect for that. This brush is made out of goat hair and it is very soft and has nice flexibility.
    • Pointed Crease Brush. Even thought this is a crease brush, I don’t often use it in the crease. I like using this to blend out a shade along the lower lash line and I will occasionally use it to apply color to the center of the lid. I love the bullet shape as it allows for more precision. The bristles on this brush are synthetic.
    • Detail Crease Brush. This brush is the little sister to the brush mentioned above. This one is perfect for applying highlighter to the inner corners or adding a little shimmer to the lid. Again, I don’t usually use this in the crease, but I can see being beneficial for a cut crease. I need to try that some day. She also seemed to disappear between today and yesterday, which is why this brush isn’t in the picture.
    • Firm Blending Fluff Brush. This is probably my favorite and most use brush in my entire collection. I use this to apply and blend out any transition shades or lighter crease colors. It does a fabulous job of blending out any shadow. The bristles are goat hair.
    • Pointed Blender Brush. This is my go to to apply a shadow lower into the crease. It provides more precision than the firm blending brush. It is made out of goat hair.
    • Small Chisel Fluff Brush. This is the brush I use when I want to apply concealer on the lid for a cut crease or as a base for intense shimmer.
    • Blender Brush. This is just your standard fluffy blending brush. It is a basic brush that gets the job done well.
Morphe Eye Brush Set
Pointed Crease, Pointed Blender, Large Fluffy, Small Chisel Fluff, Blender Brush, and Firm Blending Fluff
  • Other Morphe Brushes
    • M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease $6. Out of all of these  brushes, this one is quite possibly my favorite. For just $6, you can’t find a better crease brush. It is the perfect mix of fluffy and dense. It blends shadows seamlessly. This brush has goat hair bristles.
    • E18 Round Crease $6. Even though this is a crease brush, I rarely use it for that. I mostly use this to apply/smudge color along the lower lash line. I also use it to apply color onto the outer corners. This is a synthetic brush.
    • M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff $6. I love how versatile this brush is. It is flat like a shader brush, but it has the fluff of a blending brush. Again, the bristles are goat hair.

Some Ulta locations will have Morphe brushes, so you can always go check them out in store and see if they are something you would like. Plus Ulta’s coupons work on Morphe, so you can get them even cheaper.

  • ColourPop Eyeshadow Brushes
    • Tapered Blending Brush $6. So, the brush that I have says it is called the E9. Based on what I can see, ColourPop brushes don’t have numbers anymore. However, I am 99.9% sure that that it is their tapered blending brush. I use this one for more precise blending in the crease. It is perfect for blending out a color when it you don’t want it to be extremely smoked out.
    • Blending Brush $6. I pretty much use this brush for the same thing. It is pretty small, but unlike the tapered blending brush, it is more squared off. This one works well with their Super Shock Shadows.
    • Angled Liner Brush $6. This is my all time favorite angled liner brush because I can actually achieve a crisp, sharp wing with it. Most liner brushes are too wide to use for winged liner, but this one is thin and a master of precision. I love it.
    • Small Dome Brush $6. Even though this is a dome brush, it looks more like a flat shader brush. I use this one to apply color on the lid or to apply concealer for a cut crease.

The worst thing about the ColourPop brushes are the handles. They are always dirty, and I do mean always. You can wipe them down and five seconds later a smudge seems to appear out of nowhere.


Affordable Eyeshadow Brushes by Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild Fluffy Blending Brush, Dome Brush, and Tapered Blending Brush


  • Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Brushes 
    • Dome Pencil Brush $5.99. I use this brush to apply color along my lower lash line or on the outer corners of the lid. I have the silver handled pro brushes, which are no longer available. However, you can get the same brushes in the newer pink handled brushes.
    • Tapered Blending Brush $5.99. I clearly have a thing for blending brushes, but they are all different, I swear. This one is similar to the ColourPop one, but the bristles are a little shorter and it isn’t quite as well suited for detail work.
    • Fluffy Blending Brush $5.99. Because this brush is so fluffy, it is great for blending out transition shades for a seamless look.


  • Daylogic (Rite Aid)
    • Angled Liner Brush $3.99. I hate this for eyeliner, but I love using it for my brows. I started using it with the new Kat Von D brow pomade and it works very well. The handle on this brush is fairly short, but I like the control it gives me.
    • Dual Ended Brush. I can’t find this brush on Rite Aid’s site, but it might be available in stores. One end of this brush is a fluffy blender brush that is great for buffing out a transition shade. The other end is a dome brush that I will use on the lower lash line or outer portion of the eye.
  • Essence Brushes
    • Blender Brush $1.99. This brush isn’t going to be for everyone because of its size and shape. it is big and doesn’t have the rounded shape of most blending brushes. I love it, though. It has become my go to for applying transition shades because it cuts down on time. And it does a good job.
    • Smokey Eyes Brush $1.99. This is just another dome brush. If you don’t already have one, this is an excellent affordable eyeshadow brush.

Affordable eyeshadow brushes by Essence Makeup

Sephora Pro Tapered Crease #19  

At $20, this is the most expensive brush I have and I think it is the older, too. This is a small blending brush, so it is amazing for blending colors that you don’t want smoked out. It is very soft and not too densely packed. It is a natural hair brush.

The last two brushes are miscellaneous add ons because I am not sure who makes them. The first is a small paint brush that I bough from Hobby Lobby. It is perfect for liner, and that is actually a good tip I have gotten from makeup artists. A lot of paint brushes will also work on your eyes and face. The second one is a concealer brush that I sometimes use on the eyes. It is flat and dense, so it applies color on the inner lid nicely and I will also use it for carving a cut crease. I think it might be a ColourPop brush, but I am not sure. I can’t find anything just like it on their site.

Whew. I knew this was going to be a long post, but dang. You deserve an award for making it to the end of this one. Keep in mind that I don’t use every single one of these on a daily basis. That would be a bit excessive, even for me. Even though these are affordable brushes, they are holding up very well. I’ll do a separate post on the face brushes I use and the products I like to use for cleaning them. Let me know what some of your favorite brushes are.

Affordable Eyeshadow Brushes That I Use Everyday and Will Up You Eyeshadow Game